Your Symptoms are Messengers

Harper Healing
3 min readJul 5, 2022


The shocking truth to unlocking the code

Your body is designed to be healthy at all times. Your body is also designed with the capacity to heal yourself no matter what. Unfortunately, from day one, you are told just the opposite. You are given a message that you are without power, and that you are a victim to random things out of your control.

If something “happens” to you such as an injury or illness your are lied to. You are wrongly told it is because you are a “victim”, and you need some toxic chemical or butchering surgery to save you. Of course these are all dis-empowering lies.

Ponder this …if your body is designed to be healthy at all times, then what if your “symptoms” are just messages designed to wake you up from your negative belief systems?

In my experience, every “symptom” is literally a message that the client is holding onto a toxic belief/trauma that they need to address.

For example:

Back Issues usually mean the client his holding onto a burden

shoulder issues reflect bearing the weight of responsibilities that are no the clients to take.

Eyes issues reflect something that client doesn’t want to see

Knee issues reflect the inability to move forward in life

Hand issues reflect not being able to let go of something

Lung issues reflect fear and not breathing in life

Diabetes is usually from a client losing “sweetness” in life

Blocked ears reflects the client not listening to his intuition or higher guidance

Addictions reflect the need to medicate internal trauma/pain

“Colds” reflect the need for rest but feeling guilty to take rest so you need an excuse

Mouth and throat issues reflect self expression issues, afraid to speak up

Of course this is a small list but you get the idea. A long time go when I was a “newbie” healer, my ego got the best of me. I thought I would gain my “self worth” by being the “savior” and healer of my clients. I didn’t see them as the powerful beings you truly are. I had a false belief that I had to take on the “burden” of healing…



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