Heal Faster By Understanding This…

Harper Healing
5 min readDec 21, 2021

Inside Secrets of Facilitating Quantum Healing for new body….

I’m going to answer a question that some clients have been asking me about. Why is it that some people heal very quickly during a session, why others can take 5–10 days or more.

The answer lies in understanding how illness and healing work. Illness is literally the physical manifestation of trapped beliefs/fears/trauma in the body. Your ability to process, face and let go of those fears/beliefs dictates how fast your healing will occur.

Many people have spent a lifetime holding onto fear as a “foundation” of their life process. They simply do not know how to look or process life any other way. As a result, there is initial resistance to letting go of beliefs that do not serve them. Many times the reason for this is they do not even realize that the belief they are holding onto is manifesting into illness.

On some deep level, they literally believe that the fear/belief is what is keeping them safe.Because of this, sometimes the Higher-self needs time to untangle perceptions and beliefs so that healing can occur. I’ve experienced this many times myself. Sometimes I will heal within hours. Other times it may take up to a week or more.

Part of the Quantum Healing Process involves the Higher Self clearing the beliefs that caused your illness before it can do the healing. However many people don’t realize they are holding onto these bad beliefs so the Higher self needs time to adjust your subconscious and conscious perception so you realize what you’re doing.

Have you ever done something really stupid as a child, and then years later you realize that it was really stupid and your whole understanding of the world at that time was wrong? Well, the Higher Self is doing something similar to this in terms of your own healing, but it is shifting your perspective within hours or days depending on what you can handle.

The key to this is understanding that you control the speed of your healing by your willingness to face uncomfortable beliefs and realize they are not real. If you expect the healing to just magically occur while you can still hold onto the fears/beliefs that caused the illness you are mistaken.